Sunday, August 15, 2010

Diaper Cakes, A practical gift for any Expectant Parents

This four tiered diaper cake contained over 200 size 1 pampers, 4 pacifiers, 4 receiving blankets, baby toiletries. The mom has been a Mickey/Minnie Mouse fan since she was a baby so it was also adorned with blue, black, and white polka dots and topped with a Mickey Mouse snuggie for the baby.
This 4-tiered cake contains 150 diapers and is topped with a "snuggie," and adorned with lollipop washcloths, pacifiers, and bathcare items sitting on a plush baby blanket.

This is a "Princess" Diaper Cake. Topped with a glittery crown for that special little girl, this diaper cake is wrapped in beautiful pink and white ribbon, lollipops made out of washcloths, surrounded by frilly pink ruffle at the bottom. A Dallas Cowboys diaper cake wrapped for transport to my client.

This "Dallas Cowboy" cake is topped with an official NFL plush football, bib, and pacifier, and wrapped in blue, silver, and white ribbon, with blue/silver confetti in between each tier.

This is a "Rubber Ducky" diaper cake. Its topped with a rubber duck that can help the parents regulate the water temperature in the childs bath. It is three tiers surrounded by five cupcakes and the bottom.

Before all of the glitz, glitter, decorations, and necessities are added.

I can create a diaper cake with any theme; just let me know the color and preferred theme.

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Tracey said...

Now these are cute and can be customized...Love it. We should make twin cakes!