Sunday, January 3, 2010

Manzanita Tree @ New Years Eve 2009

The decor for NYE 2009 included this signature piece in the room, a manzanita tree embellished with fresh white roses, hanging crystals, red roses, and white hydrangeas.

The clear globes were lit from underneath by a lighted base.
White hydrangeas were placed at the base of the tree along with red roses. There were also fresh white roses placed on the branches.

The tree was also lit with votive candles on the table along with portable spot lights.
In addition to the manzanita tree, there were red ostrich feather centerpieces adorned with fresh red and white roses and fiber optic lights.
Photos taken by "Perfect Angle Photography."

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Homestyle Sweets said...

I love when you do the Manzaita Tree. Never heard of it until you dazzled a room with one. It's elegant with the clear ball.