Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rick and Donna 06/20/2009

The Happy Couple

Hummingbird drinking from the centerpiece.

The Bride was partial to butterflies, so they were incorporated into the centerpieces.

Decorative Pew created by Har2Heart Planning.

Alter Piece draped in Silk Fabric and embellished with rose petals. Florals done by "Fresh Designs."

Wedding Wish Tree Poem instructing guests the purpose of the tree.

Wedding Wish Tree created by Har2Heart Planning; made from Manzanita Branches and painted silver. In lieu of a guest book, guest write well wishes on tags and hang them on the tree for the couple.

Gift Card Container made exclusively for this particular couple. It was made from hat boxes that I covered in fabric, cut the appropriate holes, and embellished it with lace.

All pictures taken by Patricia Morgan of "Subarashii Photography."


Subarashii Photography said...

Looking beautiful as usual!!! Keep up the great work Laura!!

Donna said...

Laura, Even though we planned only for simplicity,we got that as well as elegance that was not over the top. You are terrific in what you do! Thanks for everything, Donna and Rick